September Blessing Way + Henna

Our next meeting is Sept. 16, 2009. We'll be exploring Blessing Ways and Henna. A Blessing Way is traditionally a Native American Ceremony that honors a woman's transition into motherhood. An alternative to a 'Baby Shower,' this rite of passage focuses on supporting the mother-to-be and allowing her a safe place to express and release any fears or concerns while receiving love and support from other women.

Henna (a plant-based temporary tatto originating from Middle East) is often used at a Blessing Ways, and we'll have plenty of Henna on hand for mamas who would like to try it or get it.

As always, our Meetings are free and all are welcome.

Weds, 9/16/09

Belmar Public Library

517 Tenth Ave.

Belmar, NJ 07719

*Kim, our glorious Snack Coordinator, will be out of town for this meeting....So, if you'd like to bring a snack to share, please let us know. Email: or call Beth @ 908.492-4987.

Hope to see you there!