Diaper Free?!? 5/18/16

How can you possibly have a baby without diapers?  As challenging as this may be for us to imagine, other places in the world are equally challenged by our cultural norm of having babies pee and poop in diapers.

Just as you can learn your baby's cues for hunger, you can learn your baby's cues for needing to pee or poop.  The technique is known as "elimination communication."  And, there are parents who use it to avoid using diapers...ever.  And there are parents who use some of these skills to reduce the amount of cloth or disposable diapers they use.

Three moms will be sharing their knowledge and experience going Diaper Free.  

As always, our meetings are FREE and we welcome anyone (from grandparents to caregivers) to join us.  Babies and children are always welcome, too!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016
200 Route 71 Spring Lake, NJ
(Entrance is on back side of the building.  Go up the stairs to the door on right.)