Open Topic/Free Cycle 12/21/16

We love to open up the floor for WHATEVER is on your mind!  Stop in and share, ask questions, or just meet other mamas.  Whether it's about pregnancy, teething, sleep, or not even related to parenting, you are most welcome.  Great to see old friends and make new ones.

We also do a Free Cycle (bring unwanted items you have--kid-related or not and take any items you can use.  If there are leftovers, they will be donated.)  We love this type of de-cluttering before the Holiday inundation.

We will also be evaluating and charting our future plans for the group.  This group is for YOU,..we would love your feedback on how we can best serve you moving forward, or if there is no longer this type of support. 

As always, our meetings are FREE and all are welcome.  Hope to see you!
      Wednesday  December 21, 2016
       FOCUS vision center 200 Route 71 
       Spring Lake 
    (From route 71, you'll see sign for Dr. Mark Hannah.  
Park and enter on back side of building.  Upstairs, only door on right.  If you need help finding us, call/text Beth 908-492-4987)

Ear Health with Kim Metcalfe 11/16/16

Ear Infections are the second most common illness in children.  Join us as we learn:

 **natural ways to support immunity

 **alternative techniques  to treat ear infections 

 **how to avoid ear tubes.

Kim Metcalfe is an herbalist, massage therapist and mother who will be sharing ways naturally enhance immunity and keep ears healthy.    

As always, our meetings are free and babies and children are always welcome.  
Wednesday November 16, 2016
Focus Vision Center
200 Route 71
Spring Lake, NJ
    (From route 71, you'll see sign for Dr. Mark Hannah.  
Park and enter on back side of building.  Upstairs, only door on right.)

Getting the Birth You Want with Linda Carroll 10/19/16

Wondering how to navigate the medical system to get the birth you want?
*Learn about your birth/postpartum options
*How best to communicate effectively with hospital staff 
*Key elements to getting breastfeeding off to the best start

We've are unbelievably lucky to have Linda Carroll, MPH, RN, IBCLC sharing her expertise! Linda is the Clinical Program Manager in the Department of Perinatal Education at Jersey Shore University Medical Center.  She is responsible for the curriculum development and implementation of prenatal classes and new mothers' support group as well as inpatient and outpatient lactation consultation.  In addition to her Master's in Public Health, Linda is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

As always, our meetings are free.  Partners, labor coaches, and anyone else interested in learning about getting the hospital birth you want are welcome to attend.  (Babies and children, too!)

Wednesday Oct. 19, 2016
200 Route 71
Spring Lake
Dr. Lane's Office: enter from back of the building, upstairs on the right.

Please share--especially valuable for any expecting couples!!!

Essential Oils with Vivian 9/21/16

Essential oils are super-concentrated plant essences.  These all natural compounds can be used to enhance your health during pregnancy, comfort you during labor, and (when used carefully!) can help your newborn's digestive discomfort and sleep. and help prevent illnesses and speed healing time.  

We are thrilled to welcome Vivian Taormina, owner of Bond & Bangs Apothecary who will be helping us learn how to use essential oils safely.  Vivian completed the Masters Level program at The New York Institute of Aromatherapy in June 2015.  She has been practicing and doing clinical aromatic consultations since that time, working with individuals with a variety of needs. 

As always, our meetings are free.  All are welcome, including babies and children.  

Weds. Sept. 21, 2016
Dr. Sarah Lane's office: 
200 Route 71
Spring Lake, NJ

CranioSacral Therapy with Dr. Hines 8/17/16

Join us on Wednesday, August 17, 2016 as we welcome Dr. Jackie Hines.  Dr. Hines will be teaching us about CranioSacral Therapy. 

·                     What is CranioSacral Therapy (CST)?

·                     What is CST good for?
    • Conception
    • Pregnancy
    • Birthing
    • Babies
      • Birth Trauma
      • Breast Feeding
      • Torticollis/Plagiocephaly
      • Developmental milestones, health, wellness, sleep
    • Children/Adults
      • Health and wellness
      • Illness
      • Learning disabilities
      • Neurological, Orthopedic, Mental, and Emotional conditions
      • Dental issues 
 All are welcome, including babies and children.  Our meetings are always free.  
We meet in Dr. Sarah Lane's office.  
200 Route 71
 Spring Lake, NJ
(Entrance is on back side of building.  Dr. Lane's office is on second floor.  If you need directions or help, please contact Beth: 908-492-4987)

Dr. Jacquelyn Hines is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and is certified in Neuro-Developmental Treatment and CranioSacral Therapy. She works using gentle hands-on techniques treating a variety of concerns for individuals throughout the lifespan from newborn babies to geriatrics focusing on balancing the body, mind, and spirit to promote health and wellness. Dr. Hines practices at Connectivity Therapy and Holistic Health located in Red Bank. 

Postpartum 7/20/16

Postpartum July 20. 2016:
 *What you NEED to know before your baby is born
 *What you can do to prepare
  *Share what you learned after birth

   Having a baby almost any where else in the world involves at least 2-4 weeks of bed rest while others bring you food, clean your house, and care for any other children.  Most cultures believe if moms do not receive proper care during this recovery, they are at risk for diseases or illnesses.

     Because American culture primarily denies the physical demands of postpartum recovery and breastfeeding, many new moms are completely blindsided by the challenges.  We need to talk openly about what to expect and how having a plan can literally change everything.  

As always, our meetings are FREE and we welcome partners, grandparents--this is a great opportunity for your support people to learn how to truly help families with new babies.
Babies and children are always welcome.

Weds. July 20, 2016
200 Route 71
Spring Lake
(Dr. Sarah Lane's Office)
If you have questions, need directions, text or call Beth: 908-492-4987


     Beth Salerno is a Postpartum Doula who has spent the last 13 years supporting over 100 families after the birth.  She is also a mother of three.  She's passionate about redefining Postpartum in our culture so that every mom receives time to rest and recover. 

Adoption (6/15/16)

Considering adoption but wondering where to even begin? At our June meeting we'll be learning about:
*domestic vs international adoption 
" the new face of adoption in China," 
*adoption special needs
*the cost and how it can be affordable
* an overview of the process & timeline of each step 

As always, our meetings are free and all babies and children are welcome. Partners, dads, and anyone else interested in learning about adoption is encouraged to attend.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016
Natural Beginnings
200 Route 71
Spring Lake, NJ

Samantha Brower and her husband and have been married for 9 years and have 3 biological children. In 2012, they became a licensed foster home in the state of NJ and had 2 sisters live with them for about 4 months. Samantha has been researching adoption for a year and is excited to share her knowledge and experience.

Diaper Free?!? 5/18/16

How can you possibly have a baby without diapers?  As challenging as this may be for us to imagine, other places in the world are equally challenged by our cultural norm of having babies pee and poop in diapers.

Just as you can learn your baby's cues for hunger, you can learn your baby's cues for needing to pee or poop.  The technique is known as "elimination communication."  And, there are parents who use it to avoid using diapers...ever.  And there are parents who use some of these skills to reduce the amount of cloth or disposable diapers they use.

Three moms will be sharing their knowledge and experience going Diaper Free.  

As always, our meetings are FREE and we welcome anyone (from grandparents to caregivers) to join us.  Babies and children are always welcome, too!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016
200 Route 71 Spring Lake, NJ
(Entrance is on back side of the building.  Go up the stairs to the door on right.)

Balance for Working Mamas 4/20/16

Motherhood is the most challenging job you'll ever LIVE.  But, sometimes working outside the home brings its own unique set of struggles.  Jennyfer will talk about walking the tightrope between work and life and how to manage that balance so you can have what you want.  

Jennyfer Bruno is a working mother of 4 daughters: Sarah 7, Autumn 5, Vivienne 3 and Riley 1.5 and big pup, Marley.  Jennyfer is also the Senior Manager at one of the big four accounting firms where she provides accounting and auditing services to their clients.  She recently completed a 2 year tour in her firm's national office where she gained an expertise in SEC reporting.   

As always, our meetings are FREE and babies and children are always welcome.

Weds. April 20, 2016
200 Route 71
Spring Lake, NJ
(Parking and entrance on back of building.  Go up the stairs, only door on right.)

OPEN TOPIC 3/16/16

Come and share whatever is on your mind!  Discuss your current struggles and triumphs, connect with other mamas in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

 All (including babies and children!) are welcome and as always, our meetings are FREE.  

Weds. March 16, 2016
Natural Beginnings 
200 Route 71 
Spring Lake, NJ  (Enter on back of building.  Upstairs, only door on right.)

First Foods & Picky Eaters with Nourish 2/17/16

*Wondering how to introduce solids?

*Got a picky eater?

*Worried about your toddler's nutritional needs?

All your food questions answered by nutritionist, Debbie Petersen. Debbie is an Integrative Health Counselor, wife, and  mother.  Debbie is the former leader of the Monmouth County chapter of the Holistic Moms Network and remains an active member.  Debbie received her health and nutrition certification through Columbia University.

As always, our meetings are FREE and babies and children are always welcome.  Partners, dads, grandparents are encouraged to attend as well.

Wednesday, Feb 17, 2016
200 Route 71 
Spring Lake, NJ   

Debbie and her partner Wendy counsel individuals, families and athletes in their quest for looking, feeling and performing their best.  They also produce a podcast titled Nourish Noshes (found on iTunes), and provide online nutrition programs.

Wendy and Debbie are passionate about helping people shift to eating closer to nature and feeling great.  This inspired them to collaborate on writing two cookbooks:  taste includes 25 recipes and in a pdf format and nourish – a community created cookbook in print and available at their office and on Amazon, with over 140 simple and healthful recipes and color pictures included to whet your appetite.  

Debbie Peterson MA, CHC
Integrative Health and Nutrition​ 
Co-host of Nourish Noshes--a podcast on health and nutrition
Co-author of Nourish--a community supported cookbook 
For more information or to get their cook book, please visit

Fertility: Conceive or Prevent It. Mariana Bernstein, MSc, MA

We're so excited to welcome Mariana Bernstein, at our January 20, 2016 meeting.  

**Are you trying to conceive? Thinking about becoming pregnant soon?

**Are you looking for a hormone-free method of birth control?

Understanding your fertility cycle can empower you to make truly informed choices. Whether you are considering medical fertility treatment, or (on the opposite end!) seeking to prevent conception, this meeting will be informative for all! Mariana Bernstein is a Fertility Coach who will be sharing her expertise with us.  BeFertileYou

As always, our meetings are FREE and all women, babies and children are welcome.  (We want all the women to feel comfortable talking openly about intimate issues....So, this meeting is just for them. ;)

Wednesday, January 20, 1015
Natural Beginnings
200 Route 71
Spring Lake, NJ

If you have any questions or need help finding us, please call or text Beth 908.492-2987