Essential Oils with Vivian 9/21/16

Essential oils are super-concentrated plant essences.  These all natural compounds can be used to enhance your health during pregnancy, comfort you during labor, and (when used carefully!) can help your newborn's digestive discomfort and sleep. and help prevent illnesses and speed healing time.  

We are thrilled to welcome Vivian Taormina, owner of Bond & Bangs Apothecary who will be helping us learn how to use essential oils safely.  Vivian completed the Masters Level program at The New York Institute of Aromatherapy in June 2015.  She has been practicing and doing clinical aromatic consultations since that time, working with individuals with a variety of needs. 

As always, our meetings are free.  All are welcome, including babies and children.  

Weds. Sept. 21, 2016
Dr. Sarah Lane's office: 
200 Route 71
Spring Lake, NJ

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