December Meeting, 12/16/09

Our next meeting will be Weds, 12/16/09. We'll be discussing WORK/SEPARATION FROM BABY. It can be tough to be away from our babies, but sometimes life (or our sanity) require it. So, how do we ease this transition for ourselves and our babies? What can breastfeeding mamas do to maintain their milk supply? If you've been through it, come share your experiences with our group!

We'll also be having a FREE-CYCLE. Bring your unwanted maternity, baby, or totally unrelated items to the meeting and pass them on so they can be re-used. This is the perfect time of year to de-clutter! Whatever isn't taken at the meeting will be donated to charity.

As always, our meetings are free and open to all women, babies and children!
Belmar Library Community Room
517 Tenth Ave.
Belmar, NJ 07719 (community room entrance is on back of building)
6:30-8:30pm (We're a casual group and cater to pregnant and new mamas, so come when you can and don't stress it if you're "late!")

Red Tent 11/14/09

We would like to thank all the donors, sponsors and mamas who made our Red Tent a success. Special thanks to Eryka Andrex, Kim Metcalfe, Beverly Benedetto & Jennyfer Bruno.