Colic & High Need Babies & Toddlers 11/18/15

Screaming & intense crying that isn't easily soothed is stressful and overwhelming.  It's further complicated by a lack of realiable information.
We'll talk about issues and strategies for newborn through toddler ages.  (Specifically toddlers who tend to "melt down" or have difficulty calming down if they have a tantrum)

At this meeting, Beth Salerno and Dr. Sarah Lane will be teaming up to share their knowledge and expertise.  We'll discuss:

*Common causes and triggers (for both babies and toddlers)
*What you can do RIGHT NOW to calm your little one
*Changes you can make to help them have less episodes (or eliminate them altogether!)

As always, our meetings are free.  All are welcome, including babies and children.  
Wednesday November 18, 2015
200 Route 71 Spring Lake
(Follow signs for Dr. Sarah Lane's office on second floor.)

Beth Salerno is a Postpartum Doula and Breastfeeding Counselor, bringing calm to mindful parents for 12 years.  She is a mother of 3.  She's passionate about bringing a new understanding to Postpartum, as well as providing support to parents at every stage.  She has been a proud leader of Jersey Shore Dar a Luz Network for 8 years. Beth teaches, offers consultations as well as Postpatum Doula Care. 

Sarah Lane OD, RYT, HBCE is the founder and owner of the FOCUS Center for Vision and Learning and of Natural Beginnings NJ: a resource center for growing families in Spring Lake. At the FOCUS Center Dr. Lane provides Developmental Optometric consultations and vision therapy. At Natural Beginnings NJ Dr. Lane teaches HypnoBirthing® Childbirth education classes, yoga, and a class she created called, Meaningful Moves. The Meaningful Moves class is designed for babies ages 6 weeks to 18 months, and works with introducing families to movement and sensory activities that can help encourage optimal development. Dr. Lane is a co-creator of “Having Healthy Babies”, an initiative aimed at prevention of developmental disorders, sponsored by Developmental Delay Resources. Dr. Lane has 2 sons, Joshua and Aaron, both born at home and lives in Manasquan with her husband David and step daughters, Amelia and Elsie. Sarah Lane, OD, HBCE, RYT Developmental Optometry - FOCUS: A Center for Vision and Learning, Lakewood, NJ Hypnobirthing Childbirth Education - Natural Beginnings,NJ Pre and Postnatal yoga - Natural Beginnings, Spring Lake, NJ