Postpartum 7/20/16

Postpartum July 20. 2016:
 *What you NEED to know before your baby is born
 *What you can do to prepare
  *Share what you learned after birth

   Having a baby almost any where else in the world involves at least 2-4 weeks of bed rest while others bring you food, clean your house, and care for any other children.  Most cultures believe if moms do not receive proper care during this recovery, they are at risk for diseases or illnesses.

     Because American culture primarily denies the physical demands of postpartum recovery and breastfeeding, many new moms are completely blindsided by the challenges.  We need to talk openly about what to expect and how having a plan can literally change everything.  

As always, our meetings are FREE and we welcome partners, grandparents--this is a great opportunity for your support people to learn how to truly help families with new babies.
Babies and children are always welcome.

Weds. July 20, 2016
200 Route 71
Spring Lake
(Dr. Sarah Lane's Office)
If you have questions, need directions, text or call Beth: 908-492-4987


     Beth Salerno is a Postpartum Doula who has spent the last 13 years supporting over 100 families after the birth.  She is also a mother of three.  She's passionate about redefining Postpartum in our culture so that every mom receives time to rest and recover. 

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