January 18th Meeting: ICAN Leader, Kate Schorr

Our next meeting is Weds, 1/18/12.

NJ remains the highest C-Section rate in the nation: 39.4%! So, we owe it to all women and babies to be informed.

Monmouth International Cesarean Awareness Network Leader, Kate Schorr joins us to discuss making a necessary cesarean as family centered as possible. What can you do to help foster mother-baby bonding, breastfeeding? How can we leave mom feeling less traumatized by the birth than those who are whisked into the OR and treated according to hospital protocols? She will also discuss how to reduce your risk of having a c-section.

Kate Schorr is a mother of 2 girls
First birth cesarean 2008, second an unmedicated hospital vbac 2009
Started the Monmouth County chapter of ICAN in the summer of 2010 because ICAN provided her so much information and support and made her vbac (vaginal birth after c/s) possible - wanted to do that for the women of this area
Attended the ICAN conference in St. Louis in April 2011


This meeting is so relevant and important for partners, as well as mothers. We encourage dads and labor coaches to attend this meeting. ALL of our meetings are FREE.

Belmar Library
517 Tenth Ave.
Belmar, NJ 07719

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