Comfort Measures with Doula Cornelia 11/19/14

Cornelia Mazzan will be sharing Doula tips to help you get through labor Cornelia Mazzan is Creative Director of Fearless Parent™, co-host of Fearless Parent Radio, and mom of one. She is trained as a birth doula, a certified yoga instructor, a Reiki / energy work practitioner, and an aspiring midwife. Cornelia is co-leader of NJ BirthNetwork and the past President of Real Mama, Inc. She has a degree in Fine Arts and is a web and print Visual Designer with nearly 20 years of experience.
Weds. Nov 19, 2014 6:30-8:30pm Natural Beginnings 200 Route 71 Spring Lake. As always our meetings are free and all women,babies and children are welcome.

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