Breech & Newborn Chiropractic with Dr. Coombs 3/18/15

Dr. Rob Coombs will be joining us to discuss all of the benefits of chiropractic care to a pregnant mother and infants. He specializes in the Webster Technique, which is a gentle and safe technique that helps the baby turn head down and optimally align for birth. Adjusting the spine and balancing the ligament tension has resulted in a breech turning success rate of 55 of 61 patients, allowing mothers to have the opportunity to experience a natural childbirth. Weds. March 18, 2015 6:30-8:30pm (Dr. Rob will begin at 7pm, so please arrive by then!) Natural Beginnings 200 Route 71 Spring Lake, NJ (enter through door on back of building, second floor following signs for Dr. Sarah Lane.) As always, our meetings are free and all women, babies and children are welcome! This topic is so relevant for families, we extend a special invitation to dads, partners and caregivers, as well!) Dr. Rob from Coombs Chiropractic has had tremendous success helping women achieve a healthy, natural pregnancy and delivery. For many women, Chiropractic care is becoming an important part of the birth preparation. He offers specific analysis and adjustments for your special needs in pregnancy. Beyond childbirth, Chiropractic adjustments benefit postpartum moms and newborn babies. Whether your baby is struggling with nursing issues, tongue tie, colic, or recovering from any kind of assisted birth, adjustments will help get your baby off to a healthy start!

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